Looking for Word Count, Character Count, or Line Count? "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."
Albert Einstein
But AnyCount counts precisely what you need!
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Define What To Count Settings in AnyCount determine which objects should or should not be included in count results. These may include numbers, footers, headers, text in shapes, and so on. After files and folders have been selected and added, click Settings button to adjust common and format specific count settings

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Select Count Units Before starting counting process, ensure that you select right count units. These can be characters with spaces, characters without spaces, words, lines, pages or your own count units. Currently selected count unit is displayed in the bottom right corner of the AnyCount window. You can change count unit with the help of drop-down list.

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Obtain Precise Results After you click the Count! button AnyCount Text Count Engineruns and produces word counts, line counts, page or character counts for the documents you have selected. After the text count is completed, results are displayed in the table

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Text Count Standards

(How words are counted in different countries...)

UK translation standards UK Per 1000 words of source text.
Germany translation standards Germany Per line of 55 keystrokes.
Belgium translation standards Belgium Per line of 60 keystrokes.
Italy translation standards Italy Per 25 lines of 60 characters (1,500 characters per standard page).
USA translation standards USA Per word of source text.
France translation standards France Per word of target text. But: In Information Technology (localization) — per word of source text.
Japan translation standards Japan Per byte of source text.
Czech Republic translation standards Czech Republic Per standard page (1800 strokes).
Bulgaria translation standards Bulgaria For 1800 characters per page — 60 characters per row X 30 rows per page.
Portugal translation standards Portugal 1800 characters per page, 30 lines per page, 60 characters per line = ±8-10 words.
Mexico translation standards Mexico Per page.
Chile translation standards Chile For 250 words (page).
Poland translation standards Poland Per translated word
Croatia translation standards Croatia
For 1800 keystrokes, including spaces, commas, etc. of the target text. 1600 kяeystrokes for a difficult technical text or 1125 for a sworn translation.
Latvia translation standards Latvia Per page  


mariya nenova

I personally use it for counting files that won't be needing translation memory - such as .xls, .pdf files etc. It's better than Word's function for counting, for example, because it counts even what is inside textboxe...


I am, as you may look up, a TO3000 user since ages. And completely happy, with the product and the support you are offering. You're number 1 ;) More


AnyCount is a satisfying and inexpensive tool worth buying. More

Christophe Lascombes

"I'm very satisfied with your quick answer, which was clear and very easy to understand." More

Great service, thanks for the prompt reply! More

Felipe Vallejo

"One of my best tools is Anycount." More