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How-to Guide: Mastering PDF Word Count with Top 5 Tools – From High-Tech Solutions to DIY Methods

Navigating the World of PDF Word Counts Understanding how to accurately count words in a PDF is crucial in many professional contexts. This guide explores five diverse tools for word count in PDFs, ranging from high-tech software to simple, do-it-yourself

All the tricks for Translation Halloween were canceled, but treats are in force!

All the tricks for Translation Halloween were canceled, but treats are in force!

Let’s break the trick-or-treat cycle and dive into treats! We are not going to put on frighten costumes to scare you since we just want to please you with some boo-nuses. You can still wear your favorite encyclopedia costume or

Translation count units

What count units do translators use to bill for translation projects in different countries?

It’s not always obvious what units you should use when translating from different languages. Are text count units the same in different countries? Each language has its peculiarities, and count units may differ from country to country. Сountry Count Units

How to recognize text on images to make a word count?

How to recognize text on images to make a word count?

When negotiating with a customer, a translator must be able to prepare a quote promptly. The translation tasks are very different, and the file formats for translation are just as varied. Your client can ask you to translate not only

Harry Potter word count

Harry Potter Word Count. Counting Words In Your Favorite Books.

I bet you love reading books with exciting stories and adventures, beautiful descriptions, well-crafted characters, and the author’s attention to detail. You may be a translator, copywriter, or writer who enjoys the magic of words. And of course, you wondered

Why does word count matter?

Why does word count matter?

If the headline caught your attention, it means your work is closely related to texts, whether translating or copywriting. There are several essential reasons why word count is important. The first reason is to adhere to the proper text length.

Count words in Indesign

Unexpected ways to perform word count in InDesign.

In previous posts, we’ve discussed many ways to count words in PDF files, including word count in Adobe Acrobat Reader. But we don’t always use PDF readers to count words. Sometimes we need to count words in desktop publishing and

Chinese character count

Chinese character count: most common questions

There are many questions on Chinese character count, so we decided to answer them in this post. If you are an experienced translator or copywriter and know a lot about the Chinese character count, we would be delighted to hear

Chinese Word Count

Chinese Word Count: A Guide to Counting Words In Chinese Text.

Since written Chinese are composed of Chinese characters, there is no such thing as Chinese word count, but there is a Chinese character count. But this, of course, is not the only reason. The point is that Chinese text may include

How many words in a paragraph?

How many words in a paragraph? And how do commercial writing and translation influence paragraph word count?

In the modern world, the issue of how many words in a paragraph is crucial to keep the reader’s attention. This skill is essential for both the copywriter and the translator, as the text word count can change significantly during

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