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Chinese character count

Chinese character count: most common questions

There are many questions on Chinese character count, so we decided to answer them in this post. If you are an experienced translator or copywriter and know a lot about the Chinese character count, we would be delighted to hear

Chinese Word Count

Chinese Word Count: A Guide to Counting Words In Chinese Text.

Since written Chinese are composed of Chinese characters, there is no such thing as Chinese word count, but there is a Chinese character count. But this, of course, is not the only reason. The point is that Chinese text may include

Word Count in Oriental Languages

Word Count in Oriental Languages

Today you’ll learn about the standards and peculiarities of the word count in oriental languages. I made my mind up to write about them separately since they differ from others greatly.

Translation Xmas

Santa brings early holiday joy to hardworking translators

There are only 10 days left until Christmas, and Santa Claus together with the AIT team are ready to bring early holiday joy to translators. AIT team wishes Merry Christmas to hardworking translators. We would like to wish all translation

Top 5 Professions That Need Word Count

Top 5 Professions That Need Word Count

Many people in the world get payment based on how many words of content they produce per day. Let’s look at the list of professions where people would typically need a word count software to get their wages accurately. Translators

The History of Word Count Metrics and Character Count Metrics

The History of Word Count Metrics

Let’s talk about the history of word count metrics and character count metrics. There are many jobs where people are paid based on how much text content they produce, proofread, type, or process in any other way. And there are

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