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What's New in AnyCount

The new AnyCount 2021 OCR+ features the following:

  • Optical Character Recognition renewed. The new version of OCR Engine covers 119 languages. It’s a massive leap in the accuracy of PDF, PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF recognition.
  • Ability to make text versions of all the counted files for user’s translation business needs (for example, to add these .TXT files into CAT tool).
  • Now users can access logs to see the inner workings of the AnyCount 2021 OCR+ word count software.
  • Now users can use the improved web-parsing engine to instantly view the downloaded and counted website, to use it in the CAT tool of user’s choice.
  • Enhanced and refreshed user interface.

Build 4D.1.0.104:

  • Fixes to the count accuracy of DOCX files
  • Other minor enhancements and fixes.

Build 4D.1.0.103:

  • Classic. permanent licenses are now available as well.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.

Build 4D.0.1.101:

  • The new AnyCount 4D features the following:
  • a redesigned user interface,
  • faster counting,
  • more streamlined features,
  • an expanded library of compatible formats,
  • complete independence from third-party software.
  • The first version of Anycount to support Subscription-type licenses


  • Counting of https sites is improved.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.


  • Program enhancements for multi-monitor systems.
  • Fixed bug in Drag&Drop module.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.


  • Program enhancements with High DPI resolution monitors.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.


  • Fixed bug in export to PDF files.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.


  • Fixed discrepancies between AnyCount and MS Word count results.
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.


  • Improved logging and exceptions handling.


  • Counting of Hidden Text is improved;
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.


  • Counting of https sites is improved;
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.


  • The new AnyCount 3D features a redesigned user interface and more powerful count features, such as the ability to count words not only in saved documents but also directly from websites.

Build – 9 November 2012:

  • 7 new localizations added: Belarusian, Catalan, Czech, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian;
  • Minor enhancements and fixes.


Build – 15 October 2012:

  • Enhanced HTML count engine;
  • Improved count of text containing punctuation marks and decimal separators;
  • Interface enhancements;
  • Improvements in ‘Export results’ and ‘Add Files’ windows;
  • Multiple improvements and bug-fixes.


Build – 24 September 2012:

  • Now AnyCount shows which cores of your processor count files;
  • Improved interface;
  • Improved counting of Embedded & Linked Objects;
  • Improved generation process of invoices;
  • Multiple fixes and improvements.


Build – 18 September 2012:

  • Improved interface;
  • Multiple fixes and improvements.


Build – 04 September 2012:

  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements.


Build – 25 July 2012:

  • Multi-core support. Use the power of your new processor;
  • Brand New Look;
  • Unicode-support;
  • New word count algorithms;
  • Built-in templates for export and print;
  • Ability to create your own templates;
  • Improved file manager;
  • Helpful hints;
  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements.

Build 706 – 20 May 2011:

  • Better Windows 7 Compatibility
  • Support of Virtual Machine Software.
  • Multiple Other Enhancements

Build 705 – 21 May 2010:

  • Major improvements in counting of text within image files (Enterprise edition only).

Build 704 – 14 May 2010:

  • Major improvements in counting of text within image files (Enterprise edition only).
  • Text count in image PDF files has been implemented (Enterprise edition only).
  • Ukrainian localization has been added.

Build 703 – 23 April 2010:

  • PortugueseGermanAlbanianPolishBelarusianNorwegian (Bokmal)SlovenianGalicianTurkish and Chinese (Simplified) localizations have been added.
  • Minor enhancements.

Build 702 – 30 October 2009:

  • Import of settings from previous versions is available.
  • Operation under account with User access rights was fixed.
  • ItalianRussian and Spanish localizations have been added

Build 701 (Alpha) – 3 July 2009:

  • AnyCount is now supplied in three editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.
  • New file formats added:
    • Microsoft Power Point 2007 file format: PPTX, PPSX.
    • Image file formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF(available in Enterprise edition only).
    • Microsoft Publisher file format: PUB (available in Professional and Enterprise editions only).
    • Microsoft Visio file format: VSD (available in Professional and Enterprise editions only).
    • Sisulizer file format: SLP (available in Professional and Enterprise editions only).
  • Invoicing feature added (available in Enterprise Edition only).
  • AnyCount can now count files inside RAR archives.
  • Counting in MS Office Graph Chart is now available.
  • New options for XLS, XLSX file formats: count headers and footers, ignore identical headers and footers.
  • New option for PPT, PPTX file formats: ignore identical headers and footers.
  • AnyCount can now count HTML documents encoded in UTF8, UTF16 and UTF16BE.
  • Summary tab has been modified to display detailed summary per each of the counted file formats.
  • Interface has been improved.
  • Improved operation with several displays.
  • AnyCount 7.0 can now be localized by using Sisulizer.

Build 616 – 12 February 2009:

  • Minor enhancements.

Build 615 – 11 August 2008:

  • Hebrew localization has been updated.
  • Swedish localization has been added.
  • Counting in .PPT files has been improved and fixed.

Build 614 – 16 July 2008:

  • Hebrew localization has been added.
  • Minor enhancements.

Build 612 – 12 February 2008:

  • Spanish localization has been updated.
  • Catalan localization has been added.
  • Improved compatibility with most common Firewalls.
  • Table-like shapes can now be counted in .PPT format files.

Build 611 – 25 January 2008:

  • Minor enhancements.

Build 610 – 8 January 2008:

  • Improved text counting procedure in TextBoxes and Shapes.

Build 609 – 4 December 2007:

  • Czech localization has been updated.>
  • Minor enhancements.

Build 608 – 15 October 2007:

  • Minor enhancements.

Build 607:

  • Minor enhancements.

Build 605:

  • Accelerated .xls files counting.
  • Minor enhancements.

Build 604:

  • New file formats counting added: .docx, .xlsx (MS Office 2007 file formats)
  • Improved exporting procedure.
  • Windows Vista compatibility confirmed by numerous tests.

Build 603:

  • New installation option: AnyCount can be optionally installed for all of users of computer or for currently logged in user.
  • Minor enhancements.

Build 602:

  • Minor enhancements.

Build 548:

  • Improved processing of .XML files.

Build 547:

  • Improved processing of large files.
  • Displaying the number of files counted added.

Build 546:

  • Improved processing of large number of files.

Build 545:

  • Text counting in .DOC, .RTF, and .XLS files enhanced.

Build 540:

  • Multiple Enhancements.

Build 536:

  • Enhancements to .MIF word count engine.

Build 535:

  • Enhancements to .RTF/.DOC word count engine.
  • Enhancements to .XLS word count engine.
  • Other minor enhancements.

Build 534:

  • Localization into Bulgarian.
  • Word count and character count for WordArt objects in .DOC and .RTF files.
  • Other minor enhancements

Build 533:

  • Enhanced .PDF word count engine.

Build 530:

  • Enhancements to .RTF/.DOC word count engine and export.

Build 524:

  • Text counting in .MIF files enhanced.

Build 523:

  • Additional support for word count of protected .DOC files.
  • Minor export enhancements.

Build 522:

  • Text counting in .DOC, .RTF, and .WPD files enhanced.

Build 521:

  • Minor Enhancements.

Build 520:

  • Support for word count, line count, and character count for .MIF (Adobe FrameMaker), XML (eXtensible Markup Language), and .WPD (Corel WordPerfect) files is added.
  • Show full path option added.
  • Export of character, line and word count results into PDF is added.

Build 504:

  • Minor Enhancements.

Build 503:

  • Skip Numbers feature added.
  • Comments can be counted in .DOC and .RTF documents.
  • Native Word Count and Character Count support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.
  • Increased speed of word counts, line counts, and character counts.
  • Installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader for character count, line count, and word count in PDF documents is no longer necessary. AnyCount can perform text counts in PDFs in the self-sufficient way.
  • You can view results of text count in various units without need to count the texts again.
  • Add Files dialog enhanced.

Build 408:

  • Minor Enhancements.

Build 407:

  • Minor Enhancements.

Build 405:

  • Multiple Export Enhancements.

Build 403:

  • Export of word count results into HTML, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, tab-separated / comma-separated text (CSV) ,Rich Text Format (RTF).
  • Localization into Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian languages.
  • Easy-to-use localization support for other languages.

Build 308:

  • Printer settings you have used are remembered and recalled next time you print word count, character count, or line count results.

Build 305:

  • Summary page is available when word count or character count is produced for 2 or more file types:

AnyCount - Summary Page for Word Count


Build 303:

  • Add to AnyCount and Count menu item added in Windows menu, which is accessible by clicking right mouse button:

AnyCount - Word Count menu

  • Set of selected files is reset between sessions, as suggested by many users, to avoid confusion.

Build 302:

  • Totals for each type of file are displayed on screen.
  • General count total is displayed on screen.
  • Minor Enhancements.
  • Detection of installed applications (MS-Word, MS Power Point, MS-Excel) enhanced.
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