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Albanian Translation and Localization Albanian localization

Gino Luka

  • Freelance Technical translator
    • English => Albanian
  • Cultural mediator
  • Certified Court Translator
  • AITI-accredited translator member

Albanian text count e-mail

Belarusian Translation and Localization Vitali Stanisheuski

Belarusian text count e-mail

Chinese TRanslation and Localization Chinese (simplified Chinese) Localization

Frank Wei
Chinese text count e-mail

English Translation and LOcalization English Localization Advanced International Translations
Galician Translation and Localization Galician Localization Maria Dolores González Lago Galician text count e-mail
German Translation and Localization German Localization Werner Behnke German text count e-mail
Italian Translation and Localization Italian Localization Paolo Mariani Italian text count e-mail
Norwegian Translation and Localization Norwegian(Bokmal) Localization Per M. Bergvall http://www.bergvall.com Norwegian text count e-mail
Polish Translation and Localization Polish Localization Pawel Wawrzyszko
  • Translator
    • English => Polish
  • Fields of Specialization
    • Software localization & documentation
    • Hardware specifications
    • Building construction
    • Legal texts (contracts)
Polish text count e-mail
Portuguese Translation and Localization Portuguese (European) Localization Luis Arruda
  • Translator
    • English <=> Portuguese
  • Fields of Specialization
    • Software & support documentation localization
    • Website localization
    • Building construction
    • Legal texts
    • Information gathering and analysis
Portuguese text count e-mail
Russian Translation and Localization Russian Localization Advanced International Translations
Slovenian Translation and Localization Slovenian Localization Tadej Gorup http://www.lingo.si Slovenian text count e-mail
Spanish Translation and Localization Spanish localization Manuel Colmena
  • Technical translator
    • English <=> Spanish
Spanish text count e-mail
Turkish Translation and Localization Turkish Localization Feza Eroguz
  • Translator
    • English => Turkish
  • Experience in software & web site translation fields of specialization: Software, hardware, IT, MS and Oracle helps, Web sites (mobile phones, adult sites and more). CAT tools: Trados, Helium, LocStudio
Turkish text count e-mail
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