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Harry Potter word count

I bet you love reading books with exciting stories and adventures, beautiful descriptions, well-crafted characters, and the author’s attention to detail. You may be a translator, copywriter, or writer who enjoys the magic of words. And of course, you wondered how many words or characters are in this or that book! Today we’ll carry out the Harry Potter word count — everyone’s favorite book series!

Just imagine, if you've read all of the "Harry Potter" books, then you've read at least 1,227,000 words or 6,667,911 characters!

We downloaded eight books about Harry Potter in PDF format, dragged the files into the word counter window, and clicked the count button. Just a couple of seconds later, and we got the following Harry Potter word count results.

Harry Potter word count in AnyCount

The Harry Potter average word count is about 153,000 words. Is that a lot or a little? When a book fascinates and engages you in its world, any number of words is not enough. Because when you like a book, you don’t want it to end. But still, let’s try to compare Harry Potter’s average word count with our other favorite books. For example, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum contains 42,636 words. At the same time, “Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra has 430,269 words.

Book NoHarry Potter book seriesWord count
Book 5The Order Of The Phoenix279,058
Book 7The Deathly Hallows213,395
Book 4The Goblet Of Fire207,544
Book 6The Half-Blood Of Prince183,727
Book 3The Prisoner Of Azkaban117,407
Book 2The Chamber Of Secrets92,828
Book 1The Philosopher’s83,967
Book 8The Cursed Child49,074
 Book average word count153,375
 Total word count in all books1,227,000
Book NoHarry Potter book seriesCharacter count
Book 5The Order Of The Phoenix1,523,190
Book 7The Deathly Hallows1,162,757
Book 4The Goblet Of Fire1,122,757
Book 6The Half-Blood Of Prince1,003,219
Book 3The Prisoner Of Azkaban640,155
Book 2The Chamber Of Secrets503,613
Book 1The Philosopher’s449,278
Book 8The Cursed Child262,942
 Book average character count833,489
 Total character count in all books6,667,911


Harry Potter character count in AnyCount

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