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How many words in a paragraph?

In the modern world, the issue of how many words in a paragraph is crucial to keep the reader’s attention. This skill is essential for both the copywriter and the translator, as the text word count can change significantly during translation. 

You can say one short word or phrase in one language, but at the same time, it requires a large number of words in another language. If the original paragraph consisted of less than 80 words, it is also essential to keep it short enough when translating commercial writing.

Usually, one paragraph covers one idea. There is no exact rule for section size. The standard is 100 – 200 words for academic writing, but it’s unacceptable for commercial writing and its translation. Long paragraphs are hard to read, and they look unattractive.

How many words in a paragraph in classical literature?

Leo Tolstoy was very fond of large paragraphs. We took his book “War and Peace” in English translation and selectively counted how many words are in his small and large paragraphs. There were short paragraphs with only one sentence and 11 words and large paragraphs where we counted 260 words or 21 sentences.

How many words in a paragraph in commercial writing and its translation?

Commercial writing and translation bring their own rules for word count in a paragraph. For commercial writing, there are 40 to 100 words in a paragraph. It also can be shorter or longer, depending on the context. But it is always easier to perceive the text if an author doesn’t write all their thoughts in one continuous monolithic piece of text but when divides it into semantic parts.

We’ve looked at various articles created to keep a user’s attention on the website, and here are the conclusions we made. 

Most paragraphs are 3-5 lines long, or about 35-80 words long in a relatively large size. To find paragraphs with 100 or more words, that’s rare. 

We also looked at the New York Times, where a paragraph is on average 4-7 lines long, 40-70 words. So far, we haven’t seen a paragraph longer than 100 words. The paragraphs also consist of 4-5 lines on average in the Multilingual Magazine, and their word counts up to 100 words.

Word count program and character count program

AnyCount word count tool

A modern commercial copy is packed with lists, shapes, infographics, and other elements to keep the reader interested. Often, counting words in various file formats becomes a problem. But it’s easy-peasy for translators and writers who use AnyCount.

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How many words in a paragraph? Count words with AnyCount.

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