Looking for Word Count, Character Count, or Line Count? "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."
Albert Einstein
But AnyCount counts precisely what you need!
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Define What To Count Settings in AnyCount determine which objects should or should not be included in count results. These may include numbers, footers, headers, text in shapes, and so on. After files and folders have been selected and added, click Settings button to adjust common and format specific count settings
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Select Count Units Before starting counting process, ensure that you select right count units. These can be characters with spaces, characters without spaces, words, lines, pages or your own count units. Currently selected count unit is displayed in the bottom right corner of the AnyCount window. You can change count unit with the help of drop-down list.

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Obtain Precise Results After you click the Count! button AnyCount Text Count Engineruns and produces word counts, line counts, page or character counts for the documents you have selected. After the text count is completed, results are displayed in the table

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What's New in AnyCount 8

AnyCount 8 is one of our major release of word count, character count and line count software for translating agencies. AnyCount is upgraded, enriched with new features, and polished.

Version 8 - Click to Expand

Build – 9 November 2012:

  • 7 new localizations added: Belarusian, Catalan, Czech, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian;

  • Minor enhancements and fixes.

Build – 15 October 2012:

  • Enhanced HTML count engine;

  • Improved count of text containing punctuation marks and decimal separators;

  • Interface enhancements;

  • Improvements in 'Export results' and 'Add Files' windows;

  • Multiple improvements and bug-fixes.

Build – 24 September 2012:

  • Now AnyCount shows which cores of your processor count files;

  • Improved interface;

  • Improved counting of Embedded & Linked Objects;

  • Improved generation process of invoices;

  • Multiple fixes and improvements.

Build – 18 September 2012:

  • Improved interface;

  • Multiple fixes and improvements.

Build – 04 September 2012:

  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements.

Build – 25 July 2012:

  • Multi-core support. Use the power of your new processor;

  • Brand New Look;

  • Unicode-support;

  • New word count algorithms;

  • Built-in templates for export and print;

  • Ability to create your own templates;

  • Improved file manager;

  • Helpful hints;

  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 7.0 - Click to Expand

Build 706 – 20 May 2011:

  • Better Windows 7 Compatibility
  • Support of Virtual Machine Software.
  • Multiple Other Enhancements


Build 705 – 21 May 2010:

  • Major improvements in counting of text within image files (Enterprise edition only).


Build 704 – 14 May 2010:

  • Major improvements in counting of text within image files (Enterprise edition only).
  • Text count in image PDF files has been implemented (Enterprise edition only).
  • Ukrainian localization has been added.


Build 703 – 23 April 2010:

  • Portuguese, German, Albanian, Polish, Belarusian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Slovenian, Galician, Turkish and Chinese (Simplified) localizations have been added.
  • Minor enhancements.


Build 702 – 30 October 2009:

  • Import of settings from previous versions is available.
  • Operation under account with User access rights was fixed.
  • Italian, Russian and Spanish localizations have been added


Build 701 (Alpha) – 3 July 2009:

  • AnyCount is now supplied in three editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.
  • New file formats added:
    • Microsoft Power Point 2007 file format: PPTX, PPSX.
    • Image file formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF(available in Enterprise edition only).
    • Microsoft Publisher file format: PUB (available in Professional and Enterprise editions only).
    • Microsoft Visio file format: VSD (available in Professional and Enterprise editions only).
    • Sisulizer file format: SLP (available in Professional and Enterprise editions only).
  • Invoicing feature added (available in Enterprise Edition only).
  • AnyCount can now count files inside RAR archives.
  • Counting in MS Office Graph Chart is now available.
  • New options for XLS, XLSX file formats: count headers and footers, ignore identical headers and footers.
  • New option for PPT, PPTX file formats: ignore identical headers and footers.
  • AnyCount can now count HTML documents encoded in UTF8, UTF16 and UTF16BE.
  • Summary tab has been modified to display detailed summary per each of the counted file formats.
  • Interface has been improved.
  • Improved operation with several displays.
  • AnyCount 7.0 can now be localized by using Sisulizer.

Version 6.0 - Click to Expand

Build 616 – 12 February 2009:

  • Minor enhancements.

Build 615 – 11 August 2008:

  • Hebrew localization has been updated.
  • Swedish localization has been added.
  • Counting in .PPT files has been improved and fixed.

Build 614 – 16 July 2008:

  • Hebrew localization has been added.
  • Minor enhancements.

Build 612 – 12 February 2008:

  • Spanish localization has been updated.
  • Catalan localization has been added.
  • Improved compatibility with most common Firewalls.
  • Table-like shapes can now be counted in .PPT format files.

Build 611 – 25 January 2008:

  • Minor enhancements.

Build 610 – 8 January 2008:

  • Improved text counting procedure in TextBoxes and Shapes.

Build 609 – 4 December 2007:

  • Czech localization has been updated.>
  • Minor enhancements.

Build 608 – 15 October 2007:

  • Minor enhancements.

Build 607:

  • Minor enhancements.

Build 605:

  • Accelerated .xls files counting.
  • Minor enhancements.

Build 604:

  • New file formats counting added: .docx, .xlsx (MS Office 2007 file formats)
  • Improved exporting procedure.
  • Windows Vista compatibility confirmed by numerous tests.

Build 603:

  • New installation option: AnyCount can be optionally installed for all of users of computer or for currently logged in user.
  • Minor enhancements.

Build 602:

  • Minor enhancements.

Version 5.0 - Click to Expand

Build 548:

  • Improved processing of .XML files.

Build 547:

  • Improved processing of large files.
  • Displaying the number of files counted added.

Build 546:

  • Improved processing of large number of files.

Build 545:

  • Text counting in .DOC, .RTF, and .XLS files enhanced.

Build 540:

  • Multiple Enhancements.

Build 536:

  • Enhancements to .MIF word count engine.

Build 535:

  • Enhancements to .RTF/.DOC word count engine.
  • Enhancements to .XLS word count engine.
  • Other minor enhancements.

Build 534:
  • Localization into Bulgarian.
  • Word count and character count for WordArt objects in .DOC and .RTF files.
  • Other minor enhancements

Build 533:
  • Enhanced .PDF word count engine.

Build 530:
  • Enhancements to .RTF/.DOC word count engine and export.

Build 524:
  • Text counting in .MIF files enhanced.

Build 523:
  • Additional support for word count of protected .DOC files.
  • Minor export enhancements.

Build 522:
  • Text counting in .DOC, .RTF, and .WPD files enhanced.

Build 521:
  • Minor Enhancements.

Build 520:

  • Support for word count, line count, and character count for .MIF (Adobe FrameMaker), XML (eXtensible Markup Language), and .WPD (Corel WordPerfect) files is added.
  • Show full path option added.
  • Export of character, line and word count results into PDF is added.

Build 504:
  • Minor Enhancements.

Build 503:
  • Skip Numbers feature added.
  • Comments can be counted in .DOC and .RTF documents.
  • Native Word Count and Character Count support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.
  • Increased speed of word counts, line counts, and character counts.
  • Installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader for character count, line count, and word count in PDF documents is no longer necessary. AnyCount can perform text counts in PDFs in the self-sufficient way.
  • You can view results of text count in various units without need to count the texts again.
  • Add Files dialog enhanced.

Version 4.0 - Click to Expand

Build 408:

  • Minor Enhancements.

Build 407:

  • Minor Enhancements.

Build 405:

  • Multiple Export Enhancements.

Build 403:

  • Export of word count results into HTML.
  • Export of word count results into Microsoft Word.
  • Export of word count results into Microsoft Excel.
  • Export of word count results into tab-separated / comma-separated text format.
  • Export of word count results into Rich Text Format (RTF).
  • Localization into Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian languages.
  • Easy-to-use localization support for other languages.

Version 3.0 - Click to Expand

Build 308:

  • Printer settings you have used are remembered and recalled next time you print word count, character count, or line count results.

Build 305:

  • Summary page is available when word count or character count is produced for 2 or more file types:

AnyCount - Summary Page for Word Count


Build 303:

  • Add to AnyCount and Count menu item added in Windows menu, which is accessible by clicking right mouse button:

AnyCount - Word Count menu

  • Set of selected files is reset between sessions, as suggested by many users, to avoid confusion.

Build 302:

  • Totals for each type of file are displayed on screen.
  • General count total is displayed on screen.
  • Minor Enhancements.
  • Detection of installed applications (MS-Word, MS Power Point, MS-Excel) enhanced.