Looking for Word Count, Character Count, or Line Count? "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."
Albert Einstein
But AnyCount counts precisely what you need!
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Define What To Count Settings in AnyCount determine which objects should or should not be included in count results. These may include numbers, footers, headers, text in shapes, and so on. After files and folders have been selected and added, click Settings button to adjust common and format specific count settings
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Select Count Units Before starting counting process, ensure that you select right count units. These can be characters with spaces, characters without spaces, words, lines, pages or your own count units. Currently selected count unit is displayed in the bottom right corner of the AnyCount window. You can change count unit with the help of drop-down list.

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Obtain Precise Results After you click the Count! button AnyCount Text Count Engineruns and produces word counts, line counts, page or character counts for the documents you have selected. After the text count is completed, results are displayed in the table

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Anycount: Word Count, Character Count and Line Count Software Localization

Albanian Localization

Albanian Translation and Localization Albanian Localization

Gino Luka

  • Freelance Technical translator
    • English => Albanian
  • Cultural mediator
  • Certified Court Translator
  • AITI-accredited translator member
Albanian text count e-mail

Belarusian Localization

Belarusian Translation and Localization Vitali Stanisheuski 

Belarusian text count e-mail

Chinese (simplified Chinese) Localization

Chinese TRanslation and Localization Chinese (simplified Chinese) Localization

Frank Wei
Chinese text count e-mail

English Localization

English Translation and LOcalization English Localization

Advanced International Translations

Galician Localization

Galician Translation and Localization Galician Localization
Maria Dolores González Lago
Galician text count e-mail

German Localization

German Translation and Localization German Localization

Werner Behnke
German text count e-mail

Italian Localization

Italian Translation and Localization Italian Localization

Paolo Mariani
Italian text count e-mail

Norwegian(Bokmal) Localization

Norwegian Translation and Localization Norwegian(Bokmal) Localization

Per M. Bergvall
Norwegian text count e-mail

Polish Localization

Polish Translation and Localization Polish Localization

Pawel Wawrzyszko

  • Translator
    • English => Polish
  • Fields of Specialization
    • Software localization & documentation
    • Hardware specifications
    • Building construction
    • Legal texts (contracts)

Polish text count e-mail

Portuguese (European) Localization

Portuguese Translation and Localization Portuguese (European) Localization

Luis Arruda

  • Translator
    • English <=> Portuguese
  • Fields of Specialization
    • Software & support documentation localization
    • Website localization
    • Building construction
    • Legal texts
    • Information gathering and analysis

Portuguese text count e-mail

Russian Localization

Russian Translation and Localization Russian Localization

Advanced International Translations

Slovenian Localization

Slovenian Translation and Localization Slovenian Localization

Tadej Gorup
Slovenian text count e-mail

Spanish Localization

Spanish Translation and Localization Spanish localization

Manuel Colmena

  • Technical translator
    • English <=> Spanish

Spanish text count e-mail

Turkish Localization

Turkish Translation and Localization Turkish Localization

Feza Eroguz

  • Translator
    • English => Turkish
  • Experience in software & web site translation fields of specialization: Software, hardware, IT, MS and Oracle helps, Web sites (mobile phones, adult sites and more). CAT tools: Trados, Helium, LocStudio

Turkish text count e-mail