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About .RAR File Format

One of the most popular archive formats, .RAR and its associated program WinRAR, was developed by Eugene Roshal (the name RAR stands for Roshal Archive).

WinRAR is famous for its “infinite 40-day trial”, where a free version of the program claims that it will stop working in 40 days after installation, but doesn’t actually do so.

RAR archives can only be created in WinRAR, but can also be opened by other software, such as 7-Zip.


7-Zip Home Page
WinRAR Home Page

Word, Character, Line Count in RAR archives

AnyCount can do “on the fly” extraction and counting of files from .RAR archives, including archives protected with password.

Therefore, if you would like to calculate word counts of files in the archive (e.g., which you have just received from client), you do not need to extract them first. Just add archive to AnyCount as you usually add individual files and AnyCount will do the rest.

Word count in ZIP archive files

When your word count in RAR archives is completed, you can:

  • view count results on the screen;
  • print count results;
  • export count results to .HTML, .DOCX, or .PDF formats.
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