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Word-count in TMX file format

If you’re new to the world of translation, you may want to know more about TMX file format and any of the subtleties or nuances of word count in TMX files.

TMX is a file type generated by some Computer-Aided Translation tools in the Translation Memory Exchange (TMX) format. TMX file uses the XML standard to exchange translation memory data.

TMX documents include translation memory, which contains data on the source and target text fragments. Unfortunately, when you get a TMX file, it may be a little tricky to find out about word-count info. There are different ways to count words and characters in a file. The most common of these are:

Сonvert your TMX file to a text file type that allows you to process a word count in a word count tool that supports text files. 

AnyCount word-count software tool
Use AnyCount 4D word count tool. The program supports bilingual CAT files, so you don’t need to do extra work. You also don’t need to convert your documents to other file formats, since AnyCount 4D can easily count text in TMX files.  Need accurate TMX word count? Download AnyCount for free here.
Word-count in TMX files

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