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Top 7 Tips on How You Can Reduce Word Count and Character Count

It’s nice not to be limited in word count and write whatever you are up to just as you do on your personal blog or in your diary. But what if your absolutely perfect article doesn’t meet the word count limit set up by the editor? It seems that you have it all linked together, but your editor won’t buy it. So there is how you can reduce word count:

1. Make sure all the information is essential

If you have several points of view, find out if they are all equally important.

2. Join the sentences

Try joining sentences you think could be joined.

3. Cut the introduction to reduce word count

It is not the most important thing you have to say, is it?

4. Get rid of the scenery to reduce word count

Don’t be overly descriptive. When your heroine is “breathtakingly beautiful”, ideas “unbelievably outstanding” and the sky is “sparkling-blue”… Well, there is a risk your word count would be “absolutely and roughly violating the word count limit.”

5. Consider the quotes

Although your speakers are worth quoting, maybe there is a chance to say it all in a couple of words without losing the idea.

6. Use graphics

See if there are some points you can SHOW instead of explaining.

7. Make sure your word count is accurate

Check your word count units (words, lines or characters, etc). If you have many textboxes or embedded documents, you may need the word count tool to make sure you meet the limit.

And if you already are a successful text-count-cutter, please share your own tips.

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