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Where do differences in word count and character count come from?
Why Are There Differences in Word Counts?

An experienced word count user may already have noticed that there can be slight and even substantial differences in word counts results produced by different word count tools. Surprised? Let’s find out what is the reason for that. Different word

Word count knowledge-base
Word Count Knowledge Base

It may appear that your profession is not a word counter. Not really? Then I guess you can be misled by some of the word count-related terms. So I place here several basic ones in the Word Count Knowledge Base.

Top 7 Tips on How You Can Reduce Word Count and Character Count
7 Tips to Reduce Word Count

It’s nice not to be limited in word count and write whatever you are up to just as you do on your personal blog or in your diary. But what if your absolutely perfect article doesn’t meet the word count

Word Count Journal. How to improve your word count?
Word Count Journal – Writer’s Discipline via Word Count

Today we will talk about what Word Count Journal is and how it can help with your writing. I do love ski-tech and all the new opportunities driven by progress. Web helps art and literature evolve. Some 30 years ago

Word Count in Unix

All my previous posts were related to the Windows-based word count software, but I thought that it is pretty unfair to forget about millions of UNIX users, so today we have a UNIX word count session. Of course, my UNIX

Interview With A Word Count Software Creator

I work in the same company with Dmitry Chaplay, chief developer of a word count software called AnyCount. Recently Dmitry and the R&D team released AnyCount and made a kind of breakthrough in the word count experience by introducing the

Top 5 Professions That Need Word Count
Top 5 Professions That Need Word Count

Many people in the world get payment based on how many words of content they produce per day. Let’s look at the list of professions where people would typically need a word count software to get their wages accurately. Translators

The History of Word Count Metrics and Character Count Metrics
The History of Word Count Metrics

Let’s talk about the history of word count metrics and character count metrics. There are many jobs where people are paid based on how much text content they produce, proofread, type, or process in any other way. And there are

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