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Choosing A Proper Word Count Tool For PDF Files

Word count is an option that is usually regarded as quite simple. Most of us used it during school and college years when doing essays or coursework. You probably still remember trying to fit that 2000 words minimum by inserting phrases like “being unable to can”, don`t you? However, if you work in the fields like copywriting or translating, where you get your money by the number of words, the word count becomes a more important issue. What is more, when you work with PDF performing word count is even harder. The problem usually arises with the images or graphs, to which simple word counters go blind. So, you need something more professional to do this task. How to choose a good word count tool for PDF? Let`s find out together!

Free or Paid Word Count Tool for PDF

Like almost any software, word count tools have free alternatives. They are usually quite convenient and many are created in the form of online services. Therefore, they do not require installation. Such services may do their job pretty good, and they are definitely a step ahead, comparing to the in-built word count tools. However, as any cheap stuff, free software for PDF files has its limitations. In most of the cases, you can only count words on one page at a time, making this count a really long process. On the other hand, free word count tools would most likely only work with English text – a real pain for translators! Paid tools, on the other hand, are much more professional. Their biggest disadvantage is usually the fact that they cost money. Still, it doesn`t mean that you don`t have to choose among them.


So, we`ve figured that you`ll need paid, professional software for your PDF files. But how to choose among dozens of options? Credibility is one of the most important facts to consider before making a decision. Check forums. Ask your colleagues. Look for some articles. There is always a possibility to find a balance between quality a price. For example, Anycount, a tool many professionals consider to be an industry-standard includes different paying plans to choose from. Therefore, you can choose what suits you more in terms of price. At the same time, a tool that is used by many people who work in the industry would add to your compatibility. You can even escape those long arguments over word count with your clients!

The functionality of Word Count Tool for PDF

The final factor that you have to consider is the functionality of your word count tool. This software usually has many options to choose from. But to be honest, not all of them are absolutely necessary. On the other hand, some cheaper word count tools may be lacking some needed features in order to reduce the price. So, choose wisely!  Among the options to consider, you can try Anycount. This software has a balanced amount of options and allows you to recognize the text in your PDF files and perform a clear word count of high quality. Therefore, it is great if you are looking for a wise decision on which word count software to use.


As you can see, there are several options that you have to consider before choosing a tool for word count in PDF. Some may be cheaper than others and some may propose a wider amount of options, apart from counting words. So, it`s up to you which one to choose. Evaluate your needs, check the credibility of a product and you`re good to go! Good luck with your work!

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