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PDF word-count by using web

While we were investigating the question of word counting in PDF, we discovered another way to determine the number of characters, words, and lines in a PDF document without using PDF Reader. Here is the way how you can count words in your PDF file quickly and easily. 

It’s your cup of tea if you don’t want to flood your computer’s memory and install dozens of different readers to open each file format that you get for translation or editing.

How to count words in PDF with your browser

You can open your PDF file with your browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, you name it. Google Chrome can also provide you with a page count statistics.

PDF word-count with Google Chrome

Now you can easily copy all the text and paste it in any edition of Microsoft Word. You can view our posts with all the answers to everything you’d ever want to know about word-count in Word:

Word count program and character count program

Do you know how many programs you need to download to count words in 70 file formats? Microsoft Word for DOC, DOCX, and TXT, Microsoft Excel for XLS and XLSX, Microsoft Powerpoint for PPTX and PPSX, Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF, and the list could be endless.

We have listed only a small part. Is it convenient for the translator’s workflow? Are you using all of these programs? Probably not. Just imagine (or better, count) how much all subscriptions for these programs cost.

You only need one program that can count words and characters in 70 file types. AnyCount is a perfect tool for your word-count workflow. Just one character count software, but you get a lot of benefits. Try AnyCount free here.

Word-count in PDF with AnyCount

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