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PDF word count on the Adobe Scan app, Microsoft Word, and AnyCount

Did you know that modern technologies allow you to use the scanning function in your phone, save PDF and count words in your document? Here are how to do word count on scanned PDF.

That’s not something that you may need daily, but if you wonder how to quickly count words in a printed document while you are out of the office, or how to do a word count on scanned pdf, here’s the way. 

Most translators use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF documents. You can also find our series of posts on how you can do word count in PDF files:

But did you know that Adobe has developed several apps to help you do scans with your camera? And then, you can save and open your PDF. The app is called Adobe Scan. Adobe Scan is a PDF scanner with OCR and PDF creator.

Download Adobe Scan in AppStore or Google Play to do the first step for word count on scanned PDF

First of all, you need to login (or create a new account). Then, you can use your phone’s camera to take a photo of the document, which will be processed and converted into a scanned PDF. Point the camera at the page and select an area.

Scan PDF with Adobe Scan App

Then the application will convert your photo into a scanned PDF. You can see how it will look in the screenshot below.

Scanned PDF

Now, we need to do a word count on scanned PDF. You can select text by using the Adobe Scan app. You can also download and open the scanned PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Select all the text and copy it to Microsoft Word mobile version to count characters and words.

Copy text from scanned PDF
AnyCount word-count software tool

Unfortunately, the text will contain artifacts, and this method cannot be considered an ideal solution. We recommend that you save your scanned PDF files and transfer them to your computer. Then use AnyCount, the most accurate word count tool, for your scanned PDFs.

We never get tired of talking about all the AnyCount benefits. This word count tool is a jewel in a translators’ treasure of software tools. Copywriters, writers, and bloggers also use AnyCount to count words in their articles, posts, and other written materials.

If you need word count on scanned PDF, you can drag and drop your PDFs into AnyCount, and in a couple of clicks, you will have the word count result. Swiftly and simply. Try AnyCount free here.

Count all your characters and words in AnyCount

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