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Word-count of Inaugural addresses of US presidents

Does word-count matter? And what if it’s an Inaugural Address? It’s one of the most important speeches since this speech informs the people of the president’s intentions as a leader. Let’s take a look at the inauguration speeches of US presidents from a word-count perspective.

William Henry Harrison delivered the longest Inaugural Address in 1841. The speech lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes despite a snowstorm. How many words did he say? The word count was 8,445 words. Unfortunately, the president died one month later. It was the shortest presidential term in the White House.

George Washington delivered the shortest Inaugural Address in 1793, at just 135 words. An interesting fact that the most concise administration started with the longest inaugural address in US history and the shortest inaugural address happened at the midpoint of one of the most essential administrations in US history.

Here are all the Inaugural Addresses of Presidents in the United States’ history with their word count results.

Word Count of the Inaugural Addresses of the US Presidents

YearPresidentWord Count
1841William Henry Harrison8445
1909William Howard Taft5428
1845James Knox Polk4802
1821James Monroe4459
1889Benjamin Harrison4393
1897William McKinley3965
1837Martin van Buren3833
1929Herbert Hoover3754
1861Abraham Lincoln3633
1817James Monroe3366
1853Franklin Pierce3331
1921Warren G. Harding3328
1825John Quincy Adams2913
1985Ronald Reagan2563
1877Rutherford B. Hayes2534
1953Dwight D. Eisenhower2454
1981Ronald Reagan2439
2013Barack Obama2403
2009Barack Obama2402
1797John Adams2318
1989George Bush2317
1949Harry S. Truman2273
1901William McKinley2217
1997William J. Clinton2159
1805Thomas Jefferson2151
1969Richard Milhous Nixon2124
2005George W. Bush2056
1893Grover Cleveland2014
1933Franklin D. Roosevelt1880
1937Franklin D. Roosevelt1808
1973Richard Milhous Nixon1802
1801Thomas Jefferson1721
1913Woodrow Wilson1699
1885Grover Cleveland1682
1957Dwight D. Eisenhower1659
1993William J. Clinton1584
2001George W. Bush1579
1917Woodrow Wilson1529
1965Lyndon Baines Johnson1492
1789George Washington1429
1961John F. Kennedy1364
1941Franklin D. Roosevelt1341
1873Ulysses S. Grant1338
1977Jimmy Carter1229
1813James Madison1210
1809James Madison1173
1833Andrew Jackson1173
1869Ulysses S. Grant1127
1829Andrew Jackson1126
1849Zachary Taylor1088
1905Theodore Roosevelt983
1865Abraham Lincoln698
1945Franklin D. Roosevelt558
1793George Washington135
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Inaugural Addresses of Presidents in the United States' history with their word count results.

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