W O R D C O U N T ? A N Y C O U N T !
Word count on in the Android version of the Microsoft Word app.

The significant advantage of the 21st century is that our favorite tools for work are now available not only on PCs but also online, as well as on tablets and mobile phones. Of course, translators rarely work using the mobile phone, but there are times when a client sends a file, and you urgently need to view it and do a word-count. Then the question is, how to do word count on Word App?

Word count on Word App

You can view the word count in the Android version of MS Office Word in the main menu by going to Review > Word count.

Besides, you can tap on the arrow on the lower right to expand the options.

Android word-count step #1

The next step is to tap on the bulb icon. At the top of the screen, you can see the “Tell me what you want to do” text field. You want to do a word count, so type in “word count.”

Android word-count step #2

As soon as you start typing, a familiar icon will appear in the search results below.

Android word-count step #3

Tap the Word Count icon, and see your file word count, page count, characters (with spaces) and characters (no spaces) count, and settings where you can turn the word count on or off.

Android word-count step #4

Count words and characters in a text fragment

The mobile version also provides functionality for counting words and characters in a text fragment selection. Place your finger at the beginning of the text segment and slide it to the segment’s end to highlight it. We try to tell you everything in detail to make sure every word count experience with the Word App is as good as it can be. The next step is to go to Review > Word Count to see the statistics of your piece of text.

Use word count tool

AnyCount word-count software tool

We can’t do all the work on the phone, and word counting in Word mobile is not the answer. We do most of the work on a personal computer. What is essential here is to choose the best word count tool. 

We advise you to use the AnyCount word count tool to count your words and characters in DOC, DOCX, and many other file extensions. The most precise word count will allow you to create an accurate quote and get fair payment for your work. Try AnyCount free here.

Count all your pages, characters and words in AnyCount

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