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Word-count in Microsoft Word 2007 and AnyCount

There are several ways to count characters, words, and lines in Microsoft Word 2007. You can do this using the toolbar at the top of the program screen or using the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Both of these methods are simple and convenient.

If you prefer to use the top toolbar, then you need the first method. First, go to the Review tab. There will be different program functions arranged in groups. Move to the Proofing group and click the Word Count button to open the Statistics window.

Word-count in Microsoft Word 2007

Another way of processing word count in Microsoft Word 2007 is coming up on the Status bar. Here you can view changes in your word count in real-time while typing. You can also see the word count of a selected part of your text. To open the pop-up statistics window, you need to click on Word Count on the Status Bar.

Unfortunately, the built-in Microsoft office 7 word-count tool is not very accurate. If you need to get accurate statistics and not miss words from specific parts of the document, it would be better to use a professional word-count tool. AnyCount is perfect for that. AnyCount always count words, characters, and lines in your comments, footnotes, endnotes, running headers, and footers, so in AnyCount word-count results, the total number of words will always be higher than in the results of Microsoft Word 7. Try AnyCount absolutely free at the anycount.com/try-free.
DOCX word-count in AnyCount
If you often use Microsoft Word 2007 for translation, proofreading, or editing and deal with DOC and DOCX files, you can read more about word count in these formats in our posts:

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