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Word-count in Microsoft Word 2010 and Anycount

Whether you do some writing or translate texts with Microsoft Word 2010, it may be essential to be aware of the document’s number of words. Microsoft Word 2010 has a simple to use, a built-in word-count tool for tracking your words and characters in all versions. This is true for desktop and online editions, mobile applications.

In this paragraph, I’m going to tell you how to find the Word Count button in Classic Menu for Microsoft Word 2010. The Word Count button is located on the Review tab under the Proofing section by default. In the picture below, you can see the exact position of the word-count tool in Word.

Word-count menu in Microsoft Word 2010

There is also another way to open the word-count panel. You can see the status bar in the lower-left corner of the screen, which displays the number of words in the document. Click on it to open the word-count dialog box.

You can view all the statistics in different count units such as pages, words, characters with or without spaces, paragraphs, and lines.

Microsoft Word 2010 status bar word-count
The easiest and fastest way to count words and characters in your DOC and DOCX files is to use AnyCount. AnyCount word-count software tool counts words very accurately, without missing content in such parts of the document as comments, footnotes, endnotes, running headers, and footers. Try AnyCount absolutely free at the anycount.com/try-free.
Word-count in doc, docx, rtf, txt Anycount
Do you frequently deal with Microsoft Word 2010 for your translation business? Do you get files from your clients in DOC and DOCX formats? Read more about a word and character count in these file types in our posts:

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