W O R D C O U N T ? A N Y C O U N T !
Trap the creepy translation and word count routine!

Trick or treat? The truth is that nothing can scare super-duper translators in 2020... so here's your prize:

We treat you with the best software for translators! The management routine can be creepy, and we know how to trap it!

🎃 What’s the sense in doing administrative work when you can make a 👻 ghost costume out of an old sheet for a holiday? Smart software for translators can trap this monster!

🎃 Why do you spend time counting characters in pictures, CAT files, and subtitles when AnyCount can do it in a flash? It’s a word count tool superpower, and it can be yours. 

🎃 Don’t waste your energy managing translation workflow when TO3000 and Projetex can take the most challenging part.

AnyCount, TO3000, and Projetex will let you spend time the way you want. In a warm Helloween atmosphere with your family and your cat (not CAT tools). The real superpower is not only to succeed in translation but also in work-life balance. Stay vigilant, everyday superheroes!

The first 22 translators get a 55% discount. Hurry!

P.S. Why 22? Why 55? It’s a secret Ghostbusters Movie (1984) will tell us. Dana Barrett and Louis Tully both lived on the 22nd floor of 55 Central Park West, also called “Spook Central.” And the reason is that the Cult of Gozer built there the super-conductive antenna to open the portal for the ancient Sumerian God of destruction.

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