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PDF word count on the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC app, Microsift Word, and AnyCount

In our previous post, “PDF word count on the Acrobat Reader app and Adobe Scan app,” we discussed how to use the camera of your mobile device to create a scanned PDF. Today we will talk about the mobile version of the well-known PDF reader software — Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and scanned PDF word count.

Millions of people worldwide use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF application to view, sign, and comment on PDF documents. Let’s find out what you can do with the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF app and how it will help you count words in a PDF file.

Scanned PDF Word Count with Adobe Acrobat Reader App

You can take a picture and turn it into a scanned PDF with Adobe Scan. Then you can open it with the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC app. You can also open a scanned PDF sent by your client. Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to copy text from these documents to count words.

You need to put your finger at the beginning of a text fragment, drag it to the end, and then select the “Copy.” Unfortunately, in my version of the software, it was impossible to use the feature “Copy All” to copy the entire text at once without selecting it with a finger.

PDF word-count on Adobe Acrobat Reader App
Now you can paste your text into Microsoft Word Mobile and view the word count statistics. If you’d like to learn more about how to count words, characters, and pages in the Word App, read our post:
AnyCount word-count software tool

If you have a large volume of documents and have files in different formats (not only scanned PDFs), it is better to use the advanced software for word count. AnyCount allows you to count words in 70 file formats in a couple of clicks. Try AnyCount free here.

Count all your pages, characters and words in PDF with AnyCount

Try Anycount now!
Download the word count tool absolutely free.

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