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The Beatles songs word-count

The Word Count of more than 200 The Beatles Songs Ranked from Longest to Shortest

By our estimates, The Beatles recorded 13 albums (not including BBC or live tracks), over 200 songs, and wrote over 39 000 words. We did a word count of all The Beatles songs, albums, estimated song average word count, and

Word-count of Inaugural addresses of US presidents

Word Count of the Inaugural Addresses of the US Presidents.

Does word-count matter? And what if it’s an Inaugural Address? It’s one of the most important speeches since this speech informs the people of the president’s intentions as a leader. Let’s take a look at the inauguration speeches of US

Word Count of top 100 popular books!

Word Count of top 100 popular books

Sometimes it feels like translators love reading like nobody else. Some translators prefer longer books, and some of them shorter. Book word count matters, don’t you think so? It’s easier to read or re-read short books since you spend less

Word-count in microsoft word 365 and Anycount

Where to find word count in Microsoft Word 365?

If you wonder how you know the number of paragraphs, characters, lines, and word-count in your files in Microsoft Word 365, this post is for you. There is a myriad of browser-based word-count tools you can use, but fortunately, Office

Page count in Microsoft Word and AnyCount

How can you check a page count in Microsoft Word?

In previous posts about word-count in Microsoft Word, we reviewed standard methods of counting words, characters, and lines in Microsoft Word, but what about page count?  If translators work with a lengthy document, it raises the issue of page count.

Word-count in Microsoft Word 2013 and AnyCount

How do you figure out a word count in Microsoft Word 2013?

Every translator, proofreader, editor, writer, or blogger has their favorite software to work with texts. One of the most common programs is Microsoft Word. We install a new version of Word and then use it for years. Many translators work

Word-count in Microsoft Word 2010 and Anycount

How do you know a word count in Microsoft Word 2010?

Whether you do some writing or translate texts with Microsoft Word 2010, it may be essential to be aware of the document’s number of words. Microsoft Word 2010 has a simple to use, a built-in word-count tool for tracking your

Word-count in Microsoft Word 2007 and AnyCount

How can you check a word count in Microsoft Word 2007?

There are several ways to count characters, words, and lines in Microsoft Word 2007. You can do this using the toolbar at the top of the program screen or using the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Both

Word-count in TMX file format

How to do a word count in the TMX file? Helpful word count tips for translators.

If you’re new to the world of translation, you may want to know more about TMX file format and any of the subtleties or nuances of word count in TMX files. TMX is a file type generated by some Computer-Aided

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